Stairs & Carpet Cushion

The carpeting on stairs take more abuse than regular room carpeting and it often wears out much earlier, making a carpet cushion an essential part of your stair runner or carpet installation.

The features and benefits of installing carpet cushion on your stairs are:

  • The carpet lasts longer
  • Pile face protected from matting and damage
  • Ensures a luxurious feel
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Acoustical properties are more than doubled

Recommended materials:

  • Protector 5mm
  • Duracushion 6mm

Installation guidelines:

  • Always install black side down
  • Measure and cut the cushion to the width of the carpet runner minus approximately ¼”-1/2”
  • Cut cushion for each stair tread to fit the tread including the nosing
  • Stretch in place and staple cushion
  • Do not install cushion on the riser

Always follow carpet manufacturer’s recommendations